Next GOLDPERC course on 5 June 2020

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The first course in Queensland specifically focused towards preparing you for the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM) Primary Exam.

Tailored for candidates aiming to sit the primary exam within the next six months.

NOT intended to teach you everything that you need to know for the primary exam and requires a base level of knowledge of the subject matter.

GOLDPERC will give you the tools to apply the knowledge you already have to successfully complete the CICM primary examination.

What you will learn

The course is designed to improve your exam technique for both the written and oral components.

Workshops geared towards the focused approach of specific exam questions.

How to approach the viva stations.

You will sit a full practice paper under exam conditions with feedback from primary examiners within 2 weeks of course completion.

Practice viva stations under exam conditions with feedback on the day from primary examiners.

Top tips and tricks from previous successful primary candidates.

The Examiners

The course is taught by a diverse faculty of intensive care specialists.

A number of the faculty are current Primary Examiners and Supervisors of Training for CICM.

The faculty is also made up of previous primary candidates who will share their recent knowledge and experiences.

Next Course


June 2020

The course is capped at 16 candidates, so register now to prepare yourself to take on the Primary Examinations with confidence.

I attended GoldPERC approx 10 weeks before the primary exam. It was perfectly structured to help me hone my exam technique for the written part and completing a full viva exposed my strengths and weaknesses in a way that was crucial to my practice for the real thing.

Alex Nesbitt

Practicing the written under exam conditions as well as a full viva session was by far the best preparation for the real thing. The sessions and exam feedback by actual examiners was invaluable in the last few months of preparation.

Cassie Foote

Attending GOLDPerc was a crucial part of my exam preparation. The individualised feedbacks I received from both experienced first part examiners and trainees who had recently sat the exam was invaluable. I highly recommend GOLDPerc to all CICM trainees at any stage of exam preparation.

Kerina Denny

As someone who has recently passed the CICM primary written exam, this exam-focused course is perfect for any CICM trainee or junior ICU doctors preparing for the CICM primary exam.

Jack Simpson

The practice written examination and VIVA under exam conditions with individualised feedback from first part examiners was invaluable in my preparation for sitting the primary.

Ronan McKeague

The value of actually practicing the test and the viva under exam conditions cannot be understated. Gold PERC is one of the only opportunities for candidates to do this as well as recieved feedback from past examiners.

Cameron Anderson

The course was really organised and the experienced facilitators were really helpful at giving exam tips. The mock VIVA was really good at preparing for the real one. Definitely worth attending.

Wafira Yusof

The course really helped me improve the structure of my written answers over the last few weeks of study. It was very helpful to have examiners give feedback on written and viva questions. Running a full viva was also great.

Andrew Carr


The GOLDPERC training day is held at Gold Coast University Hospital.

The course will run in the GCUH Education building (Block E) in the morning and move to the intensive care unit in the afternoon.